After years of being a Luddite and not having a website to call my own, I’ve decided to dip my toe in the waters and establish one.

I have been a twitter user for years and have enjoyed the discipline it provides…forcing one to really think about words and get your intended message across in 140 characters. Sometimes however, it is necessary to expand on an idea – and this website is intended to provide the space to do just that.

Back in the 1970’s I was a fan of the writing style of Lord Denning, with his staccato sentences and simple words. His style did not receive universal acclaim, and indeed in some quarters was received with derision, particularly by those who favour a prolix style and see writing as an opportunity to demonstrate their extensive vocabulary.

In a busy world in a rush to get things done, one tends to “rush off at the mouth” (particularly if one has the luxury of  a typist to transcribe the words left on a dictaphone), without taking the time to stop and think: How can I write this better? How can I make my meaning clear in the simplest way? Will I be understood by the recipient of the message? In those circumstances it is easy to fall unconsciously into the trap of the long-winded.

Twitter, however, has changed all that. It necessitates one becoming a fan of the Lord Denning style of writing.

I do hope you enjoy my posts or find the information I present useful. However this website is not designed to entertain or inform you. It is meant to provide me with an easily searchable database of information which I have discovered, and which to date I have had to search for on my computer, often without success, because of my failure to design a good indexing or archiving system.