Sam Dastyari – Always welcome in Kings Cross

sam dastyari

The incident in Melbourne where NSW Senator Sam Dastyari was racially abused has been well reported in the media.

It is another example of events that occur because of a mindset,  which is a worrying trend in Australian politics/democracy.

Former federal Labor leader Mark Latham has written about this in his weekly column in the Daily Telegraph.

Latham alternative views


Kings Cross is a diverse and tolerant society. The Spirit of Kings Cross includes being respectful of the views of others (whilst at the same time being free to robustly debate the correctness of that view).

NSW Senator Sam Dastyari will thus always be welcome in Kings Cross.

In 2018 the Senator will be presenting the award to the winner of the Best St Patricks Day Combo (Combination of dog and handler together who capture the soul and essence of St Patricks Day) at the Kings Cross Arts & Cultural Festival Inc dog show.


It seems entirely appropriate that a person of Iranian/Muslim heritage should present a prize associated with the Irish/Catholic tradition.

After all we are all Australians.

It demonstrates that the people of Kings Cross are a fun loving lot.



Author: Duke of Darlo Rd

Kings Cross, Sydney resident

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